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Getting Started

Recent innovations in technology by manufacturers of diagnostic imaging equipment and software have produced high quality volumetric imaging capabilities sought by radiologists in many hospitals. The pace of innovation continues to surpass the supply of trained radiologic technologists who also have volumetric image processing skills using state of the art software. Many hospitals are choosing outsourcing solutions for 3D image processing so that they can schedule more CT appointments each day, creating more billable time and less idle time for expensive scanners. The cost for volumetric image processing through outsourcing is much less than the opportunity cost of lost revenue due to idle CT equipment in hospitals that have their technologists process images after each scan. Outsourcing image processing is more cost efficient than building and maintaining your own 3D imaging lab.

Decisive3D will be assembling the most skilled professional workforce in 3D volumetric image processing into one medical image processing center per metropolitan region.  Our goal is to produce high quality images that give radiologists 3D visual representations of their insights to empower decisive results at a low cost. Some members of the team have already been assembled and a search for our first office has begun.  To learn more about our service and when we expect to open please contact us by email.